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We pride ourselves in selecting products that are best of breed and offer exceptional value for the money. Our products range from incredible value with exceptional performance, to price no object statement pieces that deliver sonic's that are out of this world. Call for an appointment to audition some of the worlds finest audio products.


Meridian and sooloos

Meridian Sooloos logo

Meridian is a premier product line and AViP Solutions is proud to be North Alabama's authorized dealer for Meridian's incredible audio and video products. Meridian is a world renowned AV product manufacturer and their products have won countless awards. If you have never heard digital active loudspeakers connected to the finest music source components, be prepared to be blown away by the incredible music delivery. Meridian Sooloos is a digital music delivery system that gives you complete control of your music collection which allows you to store over 2500 CD uncompressed and deliver that music to multiple listening zones around your home. Visit our showroom for a demonstration.




Monitor Audio RX2 mini monitor speakers Monitor Audio logo

Monitor Audio builds premium loudspeakers with exceptional fit, finish, and technology. The RX2 pictured is designed as an audiophile compact 2-way speaker, having the efficiency and bandwidth of a much larger speaker, while being easier to position around the home. It offers extended high frequencies to resolve hidden detail, coupled with immense dynamic headroom and bass depth, so that all the delicacy and drama of your favorite music and film sound is revealed. top







cary audio Xciter series amplifier

Cary Audio

American made muscle that has the finesse of a super star athlete. Cary Audio has won every prestigious audio award there is and has impeccable quality as well as tremendous value for the money. You may have never heard your music the way it was truly intended until you listen to it through one of Cary's fine products.top




PS Audio PowerPlay and PowerPack



PS Audio logo

The groundbreaking PS Audio PerfectWave Digital to analog converter (PWD) is a remarkable product. It accesses high-resolution digital audio data from multiple sources such as a PS Audio PerfectWave CD transport, computer, network, or the Internet and converts the data to the most musically natural sounding analog audio ever produced. .top

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